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Shine SPA

A variety of massage techniques, hammam, a large selection of beauty rituals and Spa treatments.
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Sauna and back, neck and shoulders massage.
Facial massage, Tegor facial skin care.
Body peeling in hammam, jacuzzi with sea salt.
Full-body massage

Stone therapy - hot stone massage. и.
Welcome to the beauty lunches on weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. One beauty lunch is 3000 RUB. 10% off on buying 4 beauty days and more. Shine with Shine SPA ;)

For body

General massage
Full body massage is used for health promotion, treatment and prevention of a large number of ailments. This technique is used to restore muscles, joints, ligaments, accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. During the full body massage session, at Shine Spa we use massage oils containing a large number of natural active ingredients, which helps achieving the following goals: relaxation or increased tone.

Aroma massage Aroma massage is a therapeutic massage with a mix of essential oils. It reduces tension, brings muscle relaxation, relieves headaches, relieves insomnia, cheers up. Aroma massage helps treating colds in the initial stages.

3500 RUB / 60 minutes
Aromatherapy massage
3500 RUB / 60 minutes

Aromatic oil massage with essential oils reduces tension, relaxes muscles, relieves headaches and insomnia.

Brazilian bamboo massage
3500 RUB / 45 minutes

Light vibrational massage with bamboo sticks. During the massage fat cells break down, blood circulation improves, body muscles are activated. Bamboo sticks massaging helps get rid of cellulite and reduce body volume, and makes skin smooth and even.
Massage with volcanic stones
3500 RUB / 60 minutes

Stone massage comes from ancient times. Chinese healers used the power and energy of stones to heal the sick and called stone therapy the ancestor of acupuncture. Today's physiotherapists have scientifically proven the effectiveness of stone massage. Stone therapy takes a special place in reflexology and reflex therapy. At Shine SPA wellness stone massage is practiced for relaxation, maintaining energy balance, preserving beauty and health. The combination of heat therapy, reflex effects, stone energy, massage techniques and unique methods helps normalizing all processes in the body. It regulates the immune system and increases resistance to external negative factors.
Anticellulite massage
3500 RUB / 45 minutes

Anticellulite massage is a special technique for influencing the body to reduce and eliminate the signs of cellulite. It includes techniques of mechanical and reflex effects on tissue in areas that are prone to cellulite deposits.
It is aimed at the breakdown of subcutaneous fat in problem areas with help of special techniques.
Spanish relaxing massage
3500 RUB / 60 minutes

Spanish relaxing massage is a relaxing massage of the entire body, relieving mental and physical stress, soothing the nervous system.

An important feature of Spanish massage is its duration - this is the most thorough massage that allows you to work out the muscles as deeply as possible.
Hawaiian massage Lomilomi
3500 RUB / 60 minutes

It is one of the most ancient types of massage, originated in the Polynesian Islands. The name of this massage technique can be translated from Hawaiian as a "soft touch of soft paws of a content cat".

This procedure has a strong relaxation effect and helps to cope with depression, neurosis and stress. Lomi-Lomi massage is recommended for those who have musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.

Lymphatic drainage massage
3500 RUB / 45 minutes

It has a draining, anti-swelling effect and increases blood vessels tone. Thanks to the use of a special technique that helps significantly improve the lymph and stimulates its circulation, this type of massage is particularly effective.
Sports massage
4000 RUB / 45 minutes

Sports massage is an necessary part of training and competition activities, helping athletes to perform with maximum results and minimal losses to their body. This massage is specially designed for stretching and stimulating the muscles that are actively involved in daily sports activities.
Four hand massage
7000 RUB / 60 minutes

Synchronous work of two masseurs allows to achieve higher efficiency in massage.
Thai massage
5000 RUB / 60 minutes

Thai massage will give you a deep relaxation, relieve stress, relax your muscles, increase flexibility and softly stimulate all body systems.
Couple's suite
7000 RUB / 60 minutes

The program for a couple includes sauna and hammam, relaxing body and face massages.

Spa in the hammam

Black eucalyptus program
4500 RUB / 45 minutes

Black eucalyptus program includes peeling with black soap and Kessa glove, wrapping the body with Moroccan Rassul clay, applying velvety moisturizing milk.
Honey delight program
4500 RUB / 45 minutes

Warming the body in hammam, peeling with black soap, wrapping, applying a honey mask and moisturizing with milk.
Almond delight massage
5500 RUB / 90 minutes

The body massage with almond oil and peeling with black soap in hammam.
Foam massage
3500 RUB / 45 minutes

Two stages of the ritual:
- Maroccan peeling with black soap and Kesse glove;
- Body massage with fragrant foam.

    Sharm peeling
    2000 RUB / 40 minutes

    Peeling with natural oriental black soap in hammam.
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